Rian Johnson Explains Why He’s Still “Proud” Of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Years Later


Rian Johnson Explains Why He’s Still ‘Proud’ Of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Years Later

Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi continues to be one of the most controversial installments of the franchise.


Nerds, I can’t believe it, but Rian Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy might still be happening! In a new interview, Rian talks about The Last Jedi and about how his trilogy is still being planned. He’s even taking meetings with Kathleen Kennedy! HOLY CRAP WE GOTTA TALK ABOUT THIS…

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Nerds, according to new reports, Henry Cavill is going to be coming to the MCU in Loki Season 2! He is apparently playing Hyperion! We’re going to break down where this report is coming from and speculate on why this makes perfect sense is likely to the plan! Looks like Henry Cavill will be playing Superman again, but it will be for Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios!!!

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Nerds, what if Kang is afraid of Mutants? Here, we’re breaking down a theory on why Kang would stop Mutants from happening in the Sacred Timeline! There are several reasons Kang would do this, and this could explain why other universes like 838 have X-men and mutants, but the 616 does not! LET’S GET SWEATY!!

Nerds, we need to talk about Avengers: Secret Wars and the road to that massive event! The characters of Doctor Doom and Reed Richards of the Fantastic Fou are VERY important to that story in Marvel Comics, and we think Kevin Feige will also make them really import to Avengers: Secret Wars. Let’s break down what they did in the comics and the clues about how the MCU will handle Doctor Doom and Reed Richards! THEY MIGHT BE THE KEY TO EVERYTHING!!

Nerds, we NEED to talk about even more leaks of MCU trademarks that we think reveal the next two Sagas after the Multiverse Saga, which ends in Avengers: Secret Wars! Eternity Saga and Timeless Saga are very likely to be the middle and end of Kevin Feige’s 10 year Marvel Cinematic Universe plan! We’re gonna speculate about what we think these phases will be like! Let’s get sweaty!

Nerds, we need to talk about Avengers: Secret Wars being only the start of Kevin Feige’s 10 year MCU plan! There are leaks about Avengers: Eternity Wars and Celestials: End of Time that hint at more wild event movies from Marvel Studios. Here, I’m deep diving on what this could be adapting from the comics and why this will be even wilder than Secret Wars!! LET’S GET SWEATY ON THIS ONE!!

Marvel fans, we NEED to talk about MCU Secret Wars! Kevin Feige officially dated and named Avengers 5 and 6! Avengers Kang Dynstay and Avengers Secret Wars will come out in 2025! We’re going to breakdown the announcements, talk about how Marvel will set this up over the next few years, and why the Russo Brother are not attached to these movies… LET’S GET SWEATY!! The Multiverse Saga is here…

Rian Johnson Talks About The Last Jedi 5 Years later

In a interview by EMPIRE Magazine, Rian Johnson talks about his love for the movie five years later. Also about changing Luke Skywalker’s character. Lets see what he had to say…

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Rian Johnson wanted THE LAST JEDI to be a viking funeral for STAR WARS, succeeded all to well

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For Rian Johnson, 2022 ended on a high note with the release of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. None the less, he spent the publicity tour talking about Star Wars The Last Jedi.
More specifically, he likened the Last Jedi to a viking funeral, and in the process, he provided even more reasons why he should never have been allowed anywhere near a Star Wars movie in the first place.
In this editorial then, @AndreEinherjar will begin by going through exactly what Rian Johnson said, before ever so briefly going through exactly what a viking funeral entails, and why Disney should never have allowed him to give Star Wars a viking funeral to begin with.

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Rian Johnson OPENS UP About The Last Jedi 5 Years Later, Ahsoka Updates & More Star Wars News!

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In today’s Star Wars news update, we talk about Rian Johnson, director of the Last Jedi who is going to open up about the Sequel Trilogy and his involvement in episode 8, a few years later. The movie is controversial in the Star Wars fandom, especially the way the film handled Rey, Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker. We also have updates for the Ahsoka series and The Mandalorian Season 3 by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni after new info suggests Luke Skywalker will appear (Mark Hamill). The franchise especially on Disney+ is moving in an exciting direction.

0:00 Ahsoka Updates | Luke to Appear?, Dave Filoni & More!
2:30 Rian Johnson to Talk TLJ & Give Update on Star Wars Future
7:22 Healing As a Fandom & Final Thoughts

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